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Learn Now! How to Play Darts

how to play darts rules and accessories to play darts learn to play

How many times have you seen in bars, friends enjoying playing darts? It’s time you learn to play darts and learn to play like the pros, just practice and have fun.

Do you know how the different game modes and scores are played? If not, it’s normal and that’s why you’re here, to learn how to play darts. With this guide you will learn in a simple and fast way how to play darts.

How to play darts? Playing darts is very easy, the type of darts will be indifferent in this guide, so you can use plastic-tipped darts, steel-tipped darts, metal-tipped darts, electronic dartboards, professional dartboards, whatever. You will be able to learn the mechanics of this beautiful sport, which consists of throwing darts at the dartboard, which is divided into different segments, each with its own score.

How to Play Darts Step by Step

There are different game modes, 301, 501, in all of them you will have to count each throw. Here we will explain step by step how to play darts from scratch.

  1. You can play alone or in a team: to start with we recommend that you practice alone so that you can become familiar with the darts, the different game modes, and so that you can learn at your own pace.
  2. Decide who starts: all players will throw the dart trying to hit the target, as close to the center as possible, the one who has come closest will start.
  3. Set the line of fire: before starting to play you must set the line of fire, as a general rule, any player must not exceed the line when shooting. If you step on it while you are shooting, the shot is not valid and you will not score any points.
  4. Playing the rolls or rounds: in each round each player has to throw three darts, always placed behind the line of throw.
    1. The line of throw must be at a distance of 2.37 from the target to the shooter.
  5. Once the shots have been taken by throwing the three darts, they must be left in place until the score has been recorded. If it is an electronic dartboard it will not be necessary, because it will count automatically. If you are interested in electronic targets, don’t hesitate to find yours.
  6. If the dart does not go in the roll, it will not be counted and it is not possible to make that roll again. That is, only three shots per round, and only the ones that get stuck are counted.
target shooting distance shooting line

How do you score the different areas of the Dartboard? Know the scores:

dartboard scores how much they are worth
  1. When darting you must look at the area in which it is stuck, at the end or edge of the target comes the marked score. At the edge of the target is the double ring. If you get the dart to fall into that strip or zone, you will score double that shot.
    1. For example, if you throw into the outer ring or double scoring ring of the number 20, you would get 40 points with that throw. By multiplying the value of the stripe by two.
  2. Another ring you’ll see on the target is the triple ring, which is closer to the center. If one of your shots lands on this ring, your points are tripled. In other words, it’s a multiplier of three, all the points are worth triple. They’re usually red or green lines.
    1. For example, if you throw into the inner or triple ring of the number 20, 18 you would get 54 points with that throw. By multiplying the value of the stripe by three.
  3. Finally we have the center or target zone, which is usually divided into two different zones, the central zone which is usually red which is worth 50 points, and the surrounding outside zone which is usually green which is worth 25 points.
  4. In the rest of the target zones, for example if you fall into a zone that is not one of the above mentioned, you will score the value of that target zone, if it is in the zone of 16 summary points or you would subtract 16 points, it depends on the game mode.

Tips for Playing Darts

Some aspects you can take into account to learn how to play darts is that once you learn how to play, all dartboards are the same, that is, if you learn with one, all of them will be numbered from 1 to 20 by the outline of the dartboard.

Please note that all targets are divided into twenty different sections, each with its own values or scores.

And now that you know the rules and how to count points on darts and how to score… It’s time! Learn how to throw darts here at

how to learn to play and shoot dartboards

How to Throw Darts the Simple Way

The best way to start throwing darts is to maintain good posture when throwing. The ideal is to keep a firm stance, depending on whether you are left or right handed you will have to keep a different stance. If you are left-handed you should put your left foot in front and your right leg behind you, letting most of your weight fall on the dominant leg, the left one. If you are right-handed, the right foot should be facing forward and the left leg should be held back.

You must feel comfortable when throwing the darts, keep a balanced and firm posture, with which you can maintain the correct balance when throwing the darts.

  • Keep a firm stance, maintaining an upright position.
    • If you are a right-handed player, you should keep your right foot in front, and leave your left foot behind. Delegate most of your weight to the dominant foot, i.e. the right foot.
    • If you are a left-handed player, you should keep your left foot in front, and leave your right foot behind. Delegating most of your weight to the dominant foot, i.e., the left foot.
  • Before throwing, you should keep your feet steady, maintaining your balance for the throw in the desired direction.
  • You must grip and place your toes properly on the dart. You should grasp the dart with the palm of your dominant hand and look for the center of gravity of the dart with your fingers. Then place your thumb slightly behind the center of gravity while the other fingers, with at least two of them, hold the dart from the other side. Below you have a picture and a video to see how the professionals do it. Although you should try and practice as you feel more comfortable shooting.
  • Before throwing, you must prepare the shot, keep the tip of the dart slightly upwards, if you want to practice you can simulate the throwing movement, trying to throw it as straight as possible. It is not necessary to throw the darts with too much force, depending on the darts you will have to learn to play with each one of them, you can buy some darts and practice with them.

How do I get a proper Grip on the Dart?

Darts, how do you play? Hold it with your dominant hand, looking for the center or point of gravity, that both ends weigh the same and you manage to keep your balance. With the big toe grabbing behind that point and the rest of the fingers grabbing the dart. Try two fingers, three, four, as you feel more comfortable throwing. At the end of the day, it’s about getting your throwing done but starting with a good base.

Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), German Darts Grand Prix (GDGP)

It is time to make the shot, before you throw make sure the tip of the dart is a little up, the tip slightly raised. You can perform test throws, simulating the trajectory you will use to throw the dart. Always try to make the move as straight as possible, otherwise the dart may not hit the target. And there’s nothing better than playing or watching a video. Here’s a video to learn how to throw, watching the best pros ever.

How hard do you have to throw? You don’t need to have strength to throw a dart, you don’t need to throw hard, it’s always going to be better a quality shot than a hard one. To learn how hard you should throw, start playing now, practice and learn.

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