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Ultrasport – The Best Electronic Dartboard of 2020

ultrasport electronic dartboard with two classic 16 player led dartboard 38 games

No doubt one of the best options if you’re going to buy an electronic dartboard. Enjoy every moment playing with anyone, with your family, friends, and you can even train to play in your bar or pub, it is also one of the most purchased bar targets. With the Ultrasport electronic dartboard you can play darts without having to wait for the other players to shoot. Play, improve, have fun with the many different games to choose from.

Feel like starting to play? At our online store we help you to find your ideal dartboard and darts that fit your game. Buy yours now and become the ace of darts!

Technical Features of the Ultrasport Dartboard

You will be able to find this same model in two ways, with or without doors. We recommend the model with doors because it is more comfortable when storing the darts.

  • Color: the color covering this great target is Black
  • Style: this model is with doors, although it also exists without them
  • Composition: the material it is made of is resistant and high quality plastic
  • Battery and power: the battery is not included in the package, but don’t worry, the first ones you put in will last you for a lot of games. It also comes with a power adapter!
  • Brand: Ultrasport is a high-end model that does not usually leave players dissatisfied
  • Product dimensions: 65 x 7 x 51.5 cm
  • Total weight: it has a total weight of 4.35 kg / 9,60 lbs
  • Model number: 380100000142 (In case you need to search online)

What Advantages does the Ultrasport Electronic Dartboard offer? Take a look!

This is your moment, if you are already here it is because you have been bitten by the desire to try this great dartboard, with this dart machine you will manage to enjoy one of the best experiences of game reaching the best fun. This is what you were waiting for, no doubt thanks to the great advantages that it offers you will have it with you this very afternoon.

Let’s stop making out, do you want to know the great advantages it offers over its competitors?

  • Without a doubt, it is the best dartboard to start practicing and learning how to play darts.
  • Play with up to 16 players! Enjoy those afternoons playing darts with everyone, and above all, show who’s boss!
  • It comes with an LED display that allows you to regulate the volume, the type of game you want to play, the number of players, the scores.
  • Have fun and learn with the great variety of game modes and variants that are integrated – a total of 38 different game possibilities along with 167 variants! It also comes with different levels of difficulty, so that both beginners and experts can play.
  • Let’s talk about Darts. It comes with 12 soft darts, perfect for playing, and with 100 soft replacement or spare tips, so don’t worry if any tips get broken. They are very easy to change thanks to their threaded shape. Also comes with tape for the shooting line, so no one gets ahead of themselves.
  • The dartboard comes with a double and triple electronic sector, and you can also protect it from dirt and dust through its two doors. Both doors come with areas or holes to store the 4×3 darts comfortably and easily, helping to prevent them from getting lost easily. Take advantage of this great pack with its great offer, and fast deliveries in less than 24 hours.
  • Among the game modes it offers the most popular: 501, 301, Master Out, Single Out or Cricket.
UItrasport Diana electrónica con puertas, diana clásica para 16 jugadores, juego de...
  • JUEGO PERFECTO PARA DIVERTIRSE: Una diana electrónica es apta para hasta 16 jugadores y ofrece 38 juegos diferentes. Este divertido juego se puede jugar...
  • DIANA CON DOS PUERTAS: Una diana con dianas electrónicas dobles y triples puede protegerse de la suciedad con dos puertas, que también pueden utilizarse...
  • FICHA TÉCNICA: Mide 99L x 60H cm cuando está abierta (51L x 60H cm cuando está cerrada). Esta diana de plástico ecológico cuenta con la opción...

The queen of targets, the best electronic dartboard without a doubt, and therefore also the best seller among all customers. The only drawback is that the instruction manual for the Ultrasport electronic dartboard is not available in Spanish, although it is possible that it may be modified. Even so, it’s super easy to use and you’ll be very fluent in it thanks to its buttons and display. It offers a unique gaming experience, whether you are a young or old, a beginner or an expert. Ideal for practicing and becoming unbeatable.

Catalog of Offers of other Dianas Models

The Best Offer to Buy the Best Quality-Price Dartboard: Ultrasport Dartboard

Even though it’s a domestic product, it undoubtedly includes an attractive design that you can find in any bar or professional tournament, both in terms of its quality materials and its beautiful design.

Don’t hesitate to buy it now! With the Ultrasport electronic dartboard, you’re sure to enjoy immediate, instant fun. It has a wide range of options that can offer you, and you will enjoy it for many hours with whomever you want.

Even being such a wide market, with a great variety of models of dartboards, both electronic dartboards, professional dartboards, fabric dartboards, steel tipped darts, plastic darts. But ask yourself one thing, if it is the most sold by far, why is it? Here are the best selling electronic dartboards

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  • Con la pantalla LCD de puntuación, es muy claro e interesante que puedas ver las puntuaciones
  • Esta diana ofrece innumerables variantes de juego posibles para varios jugadores
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  • Pass the CE/RoHS certification, replace the stabilized power cord, high-efficiency anti-interference magnetic ring, and always strive to provide every...

Enjoy the 38 Types and Multiplayer Modes and Start Playing!

As stated above, the Ultrasport electronic dartboard comes with a huge amount of game types and variations, so you’ll have endless hours of gameplay and fun. It is suitable for both children and adults.

What are the most fun and popular games or game modes? Keep reading!

We all like to have a good time, if you don’t know the great variety of games you can play with your new target you are in the right place. The Ultrasport electronic dartboard has a single player option and also provides different degrees of difficulty for the player. Start, improve, and win. The most famous and recognized games are below.

Types of Electronic Dartboard Games

  • 301 Darts: the main objective is to get points from 301 to 0. The first one to reach 0 wins the game. Watch out! If you go too far, you’ll miss your turn and go back to the previous score.
  • 501 Darts: The game mode is similar to the 301 mode, in this case you have 501 points and it varies in some small game nuances.
  • Big-6: The objective of this game mode is to be able to reach the target, which is number 6, with only three chances.
  • Cricket: is the most classic and known game mode along with 301. It consists of closing a series of numbers by hitting the same number three times.
  • Free: each participant begins with only 0 points, it is a fairly simple game because it wins the end of a number of rounds to get more points, is to go adding.
  • Shanghai: A total of 7 rounds or you can also see as 21 throws per player. Whoever gets the most points wins the game.
  • Shooting I: This is a simple game, the player with the highest score will be the winner of the round. The player who wins 7 rounds in a row is the winner of the game.

It’s impossible to get bored with this huge amount of game modes, plus you can improve in each of them and enrich your dart-throwing and playing skills. Buy now and be the ace of darts!

Conclusion and Verdict of the Ultrasport Electronic Dartboard

According to personal experience, this Ultrasport electronic dartboard is one of the most complete that you will be able to find anywhere, it is an economic and cheap offer, in short, a premium dartboard.

ultrasport electronic dartboard the best economic and cheap offer

It includes a lot of darts and spare tips, which will be very useful for those who start playing, we all have to change the broken tips. You can play with whoever you want, at home, in the garage, in the bar, take it wherever you want, thanks to the fact that it is foldable is very easy to collect and simple to transport.

And if you want to improve even more, don’t hesitate to read our guide on how to learn to play darts.

With this purchase, you’ll hit the jackpot!

Electronic dartboard perfect for the bar or at home

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